Prevention, Perception, and Preparation are the three keys to really grasp how to defend yourself.

Bill Mueller
Self Defense Expert

“My goal is to transfer a wealth of knowledge acquired over the past 45 years of training in traditional Okinawan Karate!

Instructing students in how to protect themselves against single and multiple attackers. To develop students’ situational awareness to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place!“

Areas Of Expertise

Bill has a passion for karate/self-defense and equipping others with the skills to defend themselves. 

Bill left for his first trip to Okinawa in 1974. He showed up unannounced at the door step, by taxi, of Nakamura, Ankichi. Since that time Bill has trained in Traditional Okinawan Karate used by Okinawan Samurai to defend their King and Families (much different than sport karate!) 

Tip of The Week

Prevention is the most important element of self-defense. 

However, should the need arise, it is essential that you have acquired a trained eye (perception) and are prepared through hands-on, self-defense applications to have the confidence that you can prevail against an attacker or even multiple attackers!

Keep safety top of mind.  Your weekly 5 minute video will give you tips and tools you need to maintain confidence in any situation!  

Self Defense Workshops

Let us formulate an ongoing self-defense program for your specific needs.

We help you with:

  • large or small group seminars
  • hands-on workshops personalized one-on-one training
  • Development of an online or in-person self-defense program designed specifically for your company, industry or organization.

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