Based on Mr. Mueller’s 3 p’s of Self Defense: Preparation, Perception, and Prevention!

Bill Mueller
Self Defense Expert

“My goal is to empower people to not have to live their lives in fear of being attacked! To impart the knowledge skills and confidence they need to protect themselves, and their loved ones against single or even multiple attackers. The basic principles are the same whether I am teaching women, seniors, college-bound youth, or  professionals like Real Estate Agents that may feel endangered while showing homes or conducting an open house.  Developing situational awareness to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place is the ultimate goal!“ 

I would love to see many of our younger generation, especially those that have the ability to stand up and lend a hand to someone being bullied or brutalized rather than taking a video of it while it is happening! Protecting people is loving people! To me it is a part of loving your neighbor and doing to others as you would have them do unto you. 
1 Corinthians ESV 13: 6-7 “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always Protects, always trusts always hopes, always perseveres.”

The adjacent picture  is myself demonstrating self-defense at an orphanage in Myanmar.

Bill - Professional & personal

Bill has a passion for karate/self-defense and equipping others with the skills to defend themselves. 


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Prevention is the most important thing you can do to protect yourself: Where you go, when you go, who you go with and how many people you will be with at any given time is critical. 

However, should the need arise, you will need to understand that it is essential for you that you understand some of the basic principles and techniques I will share with you in these short “Self Defense Tips of the Week.”   

 These weekly tips will help safety top of mind and help keep you from becoming complacent! 

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