Bill Mueller

8th Dan - 8th Degree Black Belt

In 1974 after several years of Martial Arts training in the U.S.; three months out of high school, Bill left for his first trip to Okinawa without speaking the language.  His future instructor, Nakamura, Ankichi had no idea he  was coming until he showed up at his door step.

Since that time Bill has trained in Traditional Okinawan Karate used by Okinawan Samurai to defend their King and Families (much different than sport karate!) Bill Studied Japanese at the University of MN and Middlebury College in VT to be able to better communicate with his instructor. 

Nakamura Sensei is currently 10th Dan (the highest rank you can get in karate) and is 96 years old.  and they have maintained a relationship coming up on 5 decades!  

3 P's of Self-Defense


  • Open house safety protocol


  • Safety precautions agents should practice when showing homes


  • Carrying non-threatening items that can be used for self-defense purposes


  • Marketing safety guidelines


  • Safety apps for your cell phone


  • Becoming aware of your surroundings


  • Formulating an exit strategy


  • Ascertaining intention through demeanor and facial expressions


  • Trusting your gut (your God given instincts)


  • Maintaining a comfortable space between you and others


Preparation is where the Rubber Meets the Road! It can yield great confidence but requires commitment on your part to practice and visualize the self-defense principles described. The exciting part is almost everyone can increase their capacity to defend themselves!